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Message from the founder


Hello, My name is Alvin Lee.

I founded LDS in 2008 during my freshmen year at college in the field of computer science.

As a fond throwback to that special time in my life, I’ve chosen a picture taken when it all started.

I went on a mission to help people overcome their student debt, and in the process of doing so, I founded LDS.

We work everyday to make our platforms and applications benefit debtors on their way to financial solvency.

I’m extremely proud of our dynamic team and the work we’ve done in our new journey into survery research.

Welcome aboard.

Data United LDS™

Lead Statistician: Catherine Dean

Contact: catherine.d@localdebtservices.com


Media Representative: Brent Truitt

Contact: brent.t@localdebtservices.com


Online PR: Brent Isaacson

Contact: brent.i@localdebtservices.com


Project Manager: Taylor Bennett

Contact: taylor.b@localdebtservices.com


Respondent Recruitment: Sonya Childs

Contact: sonya.c@localdebtservices.com


Polling Platform Design: Andrew Thoen

Contact: andrew.t@localdebtservices.com


Software Engineer: Andrea Marx

Contact: andrea.m@localdebtservices.com



Senior Management


CEO: Sheila Fendelet

Contact: sheila.f@localdebtservices.com


Founder: Alvin Lee

Contact: alvin.l@localdebtservices.com

Website Management


Content: Michelle Williams

Contact: michelle.w@localdebtservices.com


Graphic Design: Daria Tillman

Contact: daria.t@localdebtservices.com



Customer Support


Manager: Paul Kenny

Contact: paul.k@localdebtservices.com


Online Support: Carson Schmid

Contact: carson.s@localdebtservices.com



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