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1) We have a dedicated server located in Lansing Michigan provided to us by LiquidWeb which employs tight security on this domain. We have Data Security, Firewalls, SSL Security, Server Secure Plus, Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, PCI Compliance, Cloudflare®, Protection and Remediation.

2) As well as the security technology used on our server, we have an external security scanning services provided by McAfee Secure. Their service scans our website for any possible security breaches. They scan our site for any malware, malicious links, phishing hacks, and a valid SSL certificate.


Security Maintenance

As well as the tools above, we do regular audits on our site to check for any possible security attacks that may affect our services. Attacks such as phishing, viruses and malicious code, UI redress, cookie theft, DDOS attacks, DNS spoofing, SQL injection, keylogger injection, and non-targeted website hacks, are watched for and dealt with immediately.

Suffice to say that we take security VERY seriously, and we SHOULD. Hackers and malicious entities are constantly scanning the Internet for vulnerable websites, and the tools they use are more sophisticated every year. We take every precaution possible to ensure our users’ security.




In Case of Security Breach

On the rare occasion our website is attacked in such a way to make our website service a threat to our users, we take the following steps.

1) we take our website down (off-line)

2) we investigate thoroughly

3) we complete a full-scale audit

4) we eradicate the breach

5) we put our website back up (live/online)


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