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Is there 100% Free Debt Relief Programs Based in Houston Texas?

Disclaimer: The information below is for educational purposes only and may not be used as legal, business, or financial advice. Consult with your local Houston Texas based financial advisers or attorneys before making any major financial decisions.

If you live in Houston Texas and your considering a debt relief program, you’re likely wondering if there are any FREE debt relief programs available somewhere in the city. Even better, are there any 100% free programs.

On this page we’re on a mission to answer that question for you. In fact, we’ve been answering questions about debt services in Space City quite a bit, like we recently answered “where to find a debt consolidation lender in Houston“and “what is the fastest way to get a debt consolidation in Houston”.

So let’s get on with it shall we. Let’s get your debt down and your credit score high.


Common Question: 

Is there 100% Free Debt Relief Programs Based in Houston Texas?



1st Option: 100% Guaranteed Debt Relief in Houston Tx

If you want a guarantee that your debt relief program is 100% free do it yourself. Did you know this was an option?

Before you click away, at least read the next sentence:

“Most creditors are not abusive debt collectors and you CAN do this. They’re not scary monsters to run from.”

When you contact your Houston creditors directly you’ll find they are more than willing to negotiate directly with you and avoid the middleman.

The middleman being a Houston-based attorney, debt settlement company or debt relief program managed out of Houston.

Both of these options cost you money.

After a few phone calls, and a face to face meeting with your creditors, you’ll be well on your way to silencing the debt collectors, and feeling much better about your debt issues.

This will guarantee your debt relief process is 100% free, and you will have learned a lot in the process.


2nd Option: 100% Free Associate Debt Relief in Houston Tx

A Houston-based associate debt relief is when a person other than yourself negotiates with your creditors. In this case the associate would be based in Houston Texas.

The associate doesn’t have to be a lawyer or hold any kind of financial industry license. They can be a family member, friend, co-worker, or even a roommate.

The challenging part is finding a person willing to spend the time negotiating with creditors on your behalf. This is why the associate if often a loving family member (e.g. – mother or father).

This is not to be mistaken with debt relief companies with the word “associates” or “associate” in their name. These companies are for-profit organizations who charge you for their services.

Not 100% free debt relief.


Tips for 100% Free Tidy Debt Relief in Houston Texas

If you decide to negotiate with your creditors directly, or choose a Houston-based associate to negotiate for you, you’ll need to be “tidy” about it.

A tidy debt negotiation is when you consolidate your debt in as few places as possible.

This way when you set out to negotiate with your creditors you only have one or two creditors to deal with.

The most common method of doing a tidy debt negotiation is when you pay off all your debts credit cards. Preferably one credit card.

So in this example you would use your credit card(s) to pay off all your local Houston-based creditors (credit unions, small businesses, shops. etc.).

This way you’re not hurting your fellow Houston brethren, and your debt is consolidated on a single credit card which is often a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Chase Bank Card.

When all your Houston creditors are paid off you can start negotiating with the credit card company.

This way you (or your associate) only have one place to call and visit – A.K.A. “deal with”.

It’s faster, less painful, and credit card companies often process their charge-off process is faster.

Houston Texas 100 percent debt relief program

In case you don’t want to do the work for a 100% free debt relief method, here are the map locations for Houston attorneys. These offices are never free 😉 so get your wallet ready.

Written by Catherine Dean B.Soc.Sc, M.Math.

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