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What is the fastest way to consolidate debt in Houston Texas?

Disclaimer: The information below is for educational purposes only and may not be used as legal, business, or financial advice. Consult with your local Houston Texas based financial advisers or attorneys before making any major financial decisions.

If you need a debt consolidation loan in Houston Texas in a hurry, you’re not alone.

One of the most common questions we get asked here at LDS is, “How can I consolidate my debt fast?”

Here we provide a quick answer, whether you have good credit or bad credit.


Common Question: 

What is the fastest way to consolidate debt in Houston Texas?



The fastest way to get a consolidation loan in Houston is mostly dependent on WHERE you get a debt consolidation loan in Houston, and whether or not you have a good or bad credit rating.

With that in mind, based on many decades of common financial knowledge, here are two lists of sources in order of estimated speed of funding. One list for bad credit and one for good credit.

Special note: As we explain in closing, there will always be exceptions to the “rule of thumb” below. Go here to learn about 100% free debt consolidation/relief programs.


With Good Credit:

  1. from a friend or family member who lives in Houston Tx
  2. from an employer payroll advance on your future work
  3. a Houston-based credit union where your active accounts are
  4. a Houston-based community bank where your active accounts are
  5. a Houston-based national branch where your active accounts are
  6. a Houston-based lender where you have no active accounts


With Bad Credit (w/cosigner * w/o cosigner **)

  1. from a friend or family member who lives in Houston Texas **
  2. from an employer payroll advance against your future work **
  3. a title loan provider based in Houston Tx **
  4. a Houston-based credit union where your active accounts are *
  5. a Houston-based community bank where your active accounts are *
  6. a Houston-based national branch where your active accounts are *


Why are some sources in Houston faster or slower funding a debt consolidation loan?

You may have noticed a pattern in the lists above?

Family comes first. It’s a phrase well embedded into all human cultures for a reason.


When reading the above lender source lists, presented in order of funding speed, you may be asking “Why?”

Or “what the…?”

Why are some sources faster and some are slower?

Let me explain the rule(s) of the thumb at play:

  • A family member or friend can cut you a check, or wire you a cash loan in literally seconds. With no collateral, no contract, no written agreement, and in some cases not even a verbal agreement.
  • Your employer can provide a cash advance almost as fast as a relative or friend – with the push of a button, or a stroke of a pen. An employer wants your labor and they’re taking a risk on you because they have an existing business relationship with you where you provide services for them on a regular basis. Because of an extended business relationship with you, they can make an educated judgment call on whether you are dependable, dedicated, and trustworthy.
  • Credit Unions in Houston Texas are not-for-profit organizations managed by local community members with the primary goal of helping their local area businesses and citizens. They are more likely to approve your debt consolidation loan if you are a member in good standing with a proven track record of making payments on time.
  • Community banks are owned and managed by members in the area. Note the word “owned”. Community banks are for profit companies. As a result, and generally speaking, a community bank’s dedication to profit comes first over their desire to support the communities they serve (regardless of the their advertisements, brochures, and contest giveaways). Their approval process can often be slower than a credit union’s, unless the borrower has a high credit score.
  • National bank branches located in Houston are for profit companies who have less invested in Space City than any of the above lenders. Even if you’ve been banking with them for decades, and have a spotless credit history, they may be slow on deciding to give you a debt consolidation loan. If they decide to approve your loan, they may be slow getting the loan processed and approved at the national level.



Of course their are exceptions to the statements made above. There can be rare examples when a Houston Texas credit union will make it difficult for one of their members to get approved for a debt consolidation loan even though the borrower has great credit.

On the flip side, a national bank branch based in Houston Texas might “go rogue” and quickly approve a debt consolidation loan to a customer with weak credit on the same afternoon as the first loan officer meeting. But that is not likely in the modern banking world due to checks and balances, absolute control at the national level, and software platforms used for risk analysis and client screening.


What if nobody in Houston will give you a loan to consolidate debt? 

What if you can’t find anyone in Houston willing to give you a loan?

You could try some national providers but be warned. Do your due diligence in reading all the contract fine print before committing to such a loan. Have an expert in your area read over the contract to make sure you aren’t getting caught in another high interest debt trap, filled with balloon payments, scary clowns, and rotten cotton candy.

A better idea would be to reach out to your local Houston-based financial advisors, financial counselors, and/or credit repair service providers. Use your same due diligence when doing business with them as well.

Below are a couple of maps for you – a map to credit repair companies based in Houston, and a map to financial counselors based in Houston.

What is the fastest debt consolidation loan in Houston Texas

Credit Repair Companies in Houston Tx

Debt & Credit Counselors in Houston Tx

Written by Catherine Dean B.Soc.Sc, M.Math.

Catherine “Cats” Dean is a research analyst and author specializing in finance and financial data analytics. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree, and a Masters of Mathematics. You can follower her on Twitter @CatsLovesStats