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FTC Guidelines

As per the FTC (Federal Trade Commission of the United States) guidelines for individuals or companies who receive financial compensation from third-party affiliate relationships, we are hereby disclosing our relationship with third-party websites we link out to.

The majority of hyperlinks that take our users to third-party sites from our site are not affiliate links. However, some of them are, and in those cases we make it clear to you that we may receive financial compensation for you clicking the link, and/or taking action on a third-party website that may result in you employing their services or content.

User Actions Resulting In Compensation

There are three different actions users can take on our website that may result in a financial gain for the owners and operators of this website.

Three User Actions

1) Pay Per Click (PPC): We may at any time decide to include Advertising clusters (such as Google Adsense) on our pages. If you are interested in the services described in an ad, and click on said ad, the owners of this site will receive financial compensation for said action.

2) Pay Per Acquisition (PPA): We may at any time decide to include affiliate links on our website, that may (or may not) result in the owners of this website receiving financial compensation. With a PPA affiliate relationship, we would receive a commission if you decide to fill out a form on a third-party website, but not purchase a product or service.

3) Pay Per Sale (PPS): We may at any time decide to include affiliate links on our website, that will result in financial compensation for the owners of this website IF you purchase a product or service.

Complete Transparency

In order to fully comply with the FTC guidelines we must make it 100% clear where advertising links are published on our pages. We do this in a few ways.

1) Place advertising blocks (clusters such as Adsense) on our pages in such a way that the ads CANNOT be mistaken for our content or;

2) Highlight the letters AD in front of any affiliate links or advertising link on our website or;

3) Publish content that lets you know the link is an affiliate link.

At the time of this writing, we only have one affiliate link on our website, and it’s clearly identified using the 2) method as described above. This link is only viewable when you use the APR Estimator tool.

Thank you very much for reading this advertising disclosure. We hope the content on our website helps you in some way.


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