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Local Debt Services Inc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide United States consumers with the ultimate online resource for debt solutions.

So exactly how do we do that? In two primary ways.

1.) For fair to good credit applicants: We provide you with an information packed directory that includes all debt services available to you in your local area. But not just any directory - there's lots of those!

Our directory doesn't just include debt consolidation providers. It includes debt relief companies, debt settlement attorneys, debt counseling providers, and yes...more.

Each State and City page includes a list of providers, including their corresponding map locations, making it easy to find the closest provider in your local area.

2.) For bad credit applicants: If for some reason you have a bad credit rating (low credit score) we give you access to our network of bad credit consolidation providers. These are companies and individuals who take the extra risk of approving debt consolidation loans to United States citizens who have poor credit.

To access our network of over 350 providers from over 35 States, you only need to use our secure application form to make your request known. Once you've submitted your application, it's instantly available to all providers for consideration.

In most cases, we do NOT make any money if you employ a third-party service. However, we do have affiliate relationships with some of these providers, and we DO receive financial compensation if you decide to use their services.

Read our Advertising Disclosure for more information on how these affiliate relationships work. Please read our terms of service before using our network service.

So that's it...pretty clean and simple right?

Our Directory

Below is our United States directory for debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt relief, and debt counseling providers. If you are a debt service provider, please contact us if you want your business added or removed. Amendments will appear within 72 hours of our web designers receiving the vetted request.

Alabama ¶ Alaska ¶ Arizona

Arkansas ¶ California ¶ Colorado

Connecticut ¶ Delaware ¶ Florida

Georgia ¶ Hawaii ¶ Idaho

Illinois ¶ Indiana ¶ Iowa ¶ Kansas

Kentucky ¶ Louisiana ¶ Maine

Maryland ¶ Massachusetts

Michigan ¶ Minnesota

MississippiMissouri ¶ Montana

Nebraska ¶ Nevada

New Hampshire ¶ New Jersey

New Mexico ¶ New York

North Carolina ¶ North Dakota

Ohio ¶ Oklahoma ¶ Oregon

Pennsylvania ¶ Rhode Island

South Carolina ¶ South Dakota

Tennessee ¶ Texas ¶ Utah

Vermont ¶ Virginia

Washington ¶ West Virginia

Wisconsin ¶ Wyoming

Our Services

We provide two in-house and online services, besides publishing our debt services directory. Well...one is actually a tool, and the other is a service. Our tool is our APR Estimator, and our service is our nationwide network. They're both unique and helpful if you have bad credit and can't get approved.

1.) APR Estimator: The data comes from past borrowers who let us know the APR they paid on their approved consolidation loans. This gives you a good idea of what your % might be since the reporter lives in a zip code near you, and with a credit score near yours.

Estimate Your APR

Estimate Your APR

2.) Nationwide Bad Credit Consolidation Loan Network: We provide a nationwide matching service for people who have been unsuccessful finding a local provider to approve their debt consolidation loan. Simply submit your application using our secure form. Remember, your credit score doesn't get damaged using our service. This means you can apply multiple times...just in case you don't get approved on your first submission.

consolidation loan network

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Disclaimer: LDS (localdebtservices.com) makes information accuracy priority number one, and we endeavor to make sure all content on our website is up to date. We also provide links to third-party websites that are intended to help you find solutions for your personal and/or commercial debt. However, we can't control all the content on third-party websites, so you need to carry out your own due diligence before using any of their content, or purchasing any of their services. We may or may not have an affiliate relationship with third-party websites we link out to - please read our advertising disclosures to learn more. LDS, it's staff, owners, and operators are not lenders and do not approve credit requests.

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